David R. Gruber's New Media Projects


Global Warming Tree

I recently altered some tree fractals Processing code in order to create trees that grow letters as leaves.

For me, the work highlights how plants and other forms of life flourish in new climate conditions caused by global warming. However, upon making new trees (by clicking the work and then pressing a letter on the keyboard), the trees slowly disappear into the background - like ghosts - like a person walking away from us on a terribly smoggy day. In this way, industrialization and global suffering (and the death of various species) is put into tension with new life.

The fact that this is a new media work, perhaps, also suggests parallels between the need for constant interaction and re-iterability in new media and the same need with the environment. Additionally, the driving force of the work - the code beneath the surface - can reflect the hidden forces of climate change and ask us to see our day-to-day experience with the weather as the outcome of much deeper, more complex workings of the ecological climate system.